कुछ लम्स कुछ गिरहें अमलतास



पुस्तक का नाम – कुछ लम्स कुछ गिरहें अमलतास
विधा – (काव्य संग्रह)
कवि – अर्चना राज चैबे
प्रकाशक – ओपन डोर, नजीबाबाद
आईएसबीएन – 978-81-958838-0-6
प्रथम संस्करण – 2022

पुस्तक मंगाने का पता –
साईं एंक्लेव, निकट धनौरा देवता, आयल डिपो रोड, नजीबाबाद-246763
मोबा.- 9897742814
इमेल- opendoornbd@gmail.com

मूल्य – 200 रुपए (डाक खर्च सहित)


About the book

The book “Kuch Lams Kuch Girhein – Amaltas” is a collection of 84 free verse poems by the poet Archanaa Raj Chaubey. Life’s sadness, disappointment, pain, agony, anger, love, camaraderie, and happiness-sorrow, etc. have been woven into the fabric of rationality, sensitivity and juicy interpretation, in such a way that the intensity of their story and the emotion – the beauty of the blossom has the ability to tinkle the heart of the reader.

About the author –

Born in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh, Archanaa is a graduate from Kashi Hindu University (BHU) and is currently a homemaker and an author. She likes to read books, listen to music, spend time in the midst of greenery and travel. She remains aware of the social and political issues around her. Archana’s poems, stories, articles, memoirs etc. have been published in various domestic and foreign magazines. Archana’s published work consists of nine shared poetry collections, two short story collections, and two poetry collections “Katra-Katra Dard” and “Kuchh Lams Kuchh Girhein-Amaltas”. Along with editing a poetry collection “Ehsaas”, she has also been broadcasted on Akashvani Nagpur.

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